Welcome to Tsokar Eco Resort

Tsokar Eco Resort located in the lush green and picturesque town on Leh provides you with all the form and functionality of a modern day hotel. We cater to our guests with an undying passion that has them feel comfortable, at home and cared for.

Take your taste buds on a gastronomical journey as you dine by lake views when you choose to stay with us at the Tsokar Eco Resort. War Museum is 153 km from the resort.

Spark the traveler in you when, adventure as easy as possible for everyone that stays with us. Situated close to the Moti Market and the JK SRTC Bus Stand, packing up and going about on your own special adventure is just a hop and skip away, with our eager 24 hour helpdesk ready to answer any of your questions or be of service to you in any way possible; or simply choose take a stroll towards wherever your voyage compass takes you.

Reservations may be made through Tsokar Eco Resort Contact Us by dialing +91-9811595469 /+91-9650119494. or by visiting the website www.tsokarecoresort.in